Enterprise Archive and Retrieval Solution

StorARCH is a secure cloud based digital storage, archive and retrieval solution for data, documents and media of any format.

An access-controlled, configurable user interface provides a powerful search engine, allowing users to instantly locate, view, redact and safely download documents and data.

A Changing Data Landscape 

In a continually evolving regulatory environment, particularly within the Financial Sector, businesses are challenged with the complex and expensive task of managing and controlling their data to ever increasing standards.

The introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) revolutionised how data must be stored, managed and removed and increased the requirement to ensure data is easily and quickly accessible to our customers. Couple this with the growth of organisational complexity and the prevalence of strategic restructuring activity within the Enterprise space, it is clear that the challenge to efficiently and cost effectively operationalise access to data is greater than ever.

The cost of compliance with regulations has escalated as businesses struggle to embed cost-efficient processes that meet regulatory requirements, particularly when dealing with data in different formats and media across interwoven systems built up over many years. Highly manual processes creating outputs of varying quality can lead to a poor customer experience and at worse, regulatory censure.

The Solution

• StorARCH, a secure digital storage, archive and retrieval system from Krome Technologies offers an Enterprise Solution that allows organisations to quickly and easily search and retrieve data - of any format - within a secure central repository, redact if required, and download securely as part of an end to end Data Storage & Retrieval process, resulting in a reduced cost of ownership and improved customer experience.

• StorARCH enables businesses to decommission costly legacy systems, retained purely to access archived data, and remove paper and other physical media from business processes.

• StorARCH helps organisations meet regulatory and specific business requirements, by storing data – its most valuable asset – in a secure, cloud based solution, compliant with the latest PCI DSS security standards, as well as ISO:9001 quality standards.

StorARCH Secure Storage, Archive and Retrieval System

Bespoke configuration to meet your needs
Not every client requires the same StorARCH solution, Krome’s StorARCH offering can be tailored and designed specifically based upon your organisations individual requirements and your specific data archive, compliance and recovery objectives.

Krome Technologies have a wealth of experience designing and delivering innovative and bespoke solutions that meet specific business requirements, to learn more about our StorARCH for Finance & Banking solution please contact us on 01932 232345.