Case Study: UK Retail Bank Archive Bank Records

Following its divestment from another company, a well-known UK Retail Bank required a solution to host historic data, archive bank records, documents, call recordings and  in multiple formats from more than 20 legacy source systems.

The archive bank records data and call recordings needed to be retained in compliance with data security standards and accessible to authorised staff in order to support the Bank’s Regulatory obligations and customer-facing processes.

In order to ensure full compliance with the regulations governing the UK Banking industry, the client had a requirement to retain data for defined time periods in accordance with strict data management policies. The archive bank records included key documents such as customer credit agreements, financial statements, complaints data, customer correspondence and audio call recordings.

Case Study: UK Retail Bank Archive Bank Records

Key Solution Highlights

  • Migration of 23 historic data sources, covering up to 20 years history, including mainframe data, end user developed applications, images, documents, audio files and physical media (digitised paper and microfilm)
  • User group defined ability to search, retrieve, view, redact and download data of any format
  • Data Centre based solution hosted by Krome, with data backup and offsite Disaster Recovery
  • Browser based, no client software

Benefits Experienced

  • Improved business efficiency, leading to lower operating costs
  • Automation of previously manual processes, such as document and audio file redaction
  • Increased speed and usability with sub 3 seconds search time achieved
  • 100% data accuracy
  • Increased control and compliance with GDPR and all required data security standards

The StorARCH Data Storage, Archive and Retrieval solution was tailored to meet the client’s full requirements, including the ability to redact and securely download documents and audio files.

The client’s Service & Delivery Manager commented; “The system is intuitive to use and the fact that so many different data formats can be accommodated is extremely valuable, as it means that users only have to look in one place. The data redaction functionality also speeds up the process of getting data into a suitable format for onward processing, which helps us to deliver operational efficiencies.”

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